It was part of
«In the name of father»

07/06 — 24/09 2019

Curator Rosa Martínez,

in Museu Picasso of Barcelona,

The exhibition «In the name of the father» explores the artistic and vital legacy of Pablo Picasso from different perspectives, always as an inescapable reference and included in the line of research of the relationship of current contemporary artists with the work and the figure of Pablo Picasso. There will be works by various artists who highlight their connection with Picasso. This exhibition aims to analyse and celebrate the survival of Picasso in today’s art. I participated with:

“Minotauro”, a piece where I make this classic figure be reborn not as a monster but as a mutant, a rare and exceptional being, that makes us rethink how we relate to what is different and what is strange. It reveals the formal similarity between the Cretan monster and the bison in the Altamira paintings. I used the 30,000-year-old outline of the latter to reformulate the Minoan bull, thus outlining an abstract line stating how through time the meaning of this image is both mythologized in the Paleolithic caves and in different Neolithic Mediterranean cults. It ends in a conceptual break that occurs in the Bronze Age, where the animal becomes a monster that must be sacrificed so that the classic mythical hero may be born. I transferred this new figure to a sheet belonging to my family for generations. This sheet, acting as an exceptional prehistoric wall where the hands of my ancestors are no longer drawn with paint, but are present in every darning that covers the breaks in the fabric, connecting me directly with my ancestors and with the new mutant, ready to grow in the new feminist cultural paradigm. This piece was placed in one of the porticoes of the building, allowing the backside to be seen from the street and placing the figure of the minotaur outside to be confused with the people.

178x244 cm

Photograph of the piece. Piece detail. The piece installed in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.